Journeying Into Public Health With Johns Hopkins University

In January 2020, 45 incoming students from across the world will take part in The Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health’s online Master’s of Public Health (MPH) — and I am one of them. Every year, nearly 500+ applicants are received by the University for inclusion into the MPH program — making it one of the most coveted spots to hold. This to be expected by the #1 public health program in the United States — beating out Harvard, Yale, Dartmouth, Screen Shot 2019-11-08 at 9.03.56 AMand other comparable Ivy League schools.

Having grown-up in small town rural Missouri, B+ average student, never would I have guessed that I could have landed among the stars with this opportunity. I think this is a great example of the old American motto that with a little hard work, you can go anywhere...and my hard work is taking me there. On top of this, being able to still live in St. Louis and study at Johns Hopkins University is truly incredible. Technology has come so far in allowing for me to get a top notch education — without leaving the comfort of my roots.

I’m most appreciative of my good friend Chris Raborn, who gave me that push I needed to apply. I didn’t think I stood the chance to get in though she reassured me that I could. This nudge will forever change the trajectory of my life, and I am forever grateful to her for this.

This degree will provide me with a strengthening of my core foundation while continuing to do what I love — advocate, and to provide forward-thinking solutions to  impact the health of Missourians, and our quality of life. I look forward to the day that all Missourians have access to the affordable care they need, and will continue to live out my vision of a better, more healthier tomorrow for us all.


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