Find below a menu of professional presentations that have been offered and conducted by Andrew at various conferences and Universities. If you would like to find out more about a particular presentation or topic, or are interested in scheduling a presentation, please contact Andrew Shaughnessy directly at

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Deconstructing Social Impact

Deconstructing Social Impact

Launch Career Week with Andrew as he deconstructs social impact and what it means for your career.  As an experienced advocate, Andrew has utilized a variety of grass root efforts to advance LGBT inclusion policies.  Andrew knows what it is like to build relationships with key stakeholders to move public policy forward. At the same time, he has learned the value of building his professional brand.  From blogs to public presentations, Andrew has defined his professional brand and makes an effort to promote his accomplishments in the policy arena to support the work of PROMO and its stakeholders.

Find out more about:  What he thinks about when he reflects on building a career in a competitive global market.  What he has learned about social impact, including what assumptions he made about being effective in public policy work, and what lessons he wants you to take with you on your career path.  You will leave inspired by the commitment Andrew has to advancing public policy and ready to chart your course for social impact.

Deconstructing Social Impact was presented at:

  1. Washington University in St. Louis, Career Week 2016 — Keynote

Finding Insurance Coverage For Transgender Affirming Care: A Primer for Care Providers

Finding insurance coverage for transgender patients presents itself with a myriad of institutional policy barriers and societal challenges that have denied this population access to coverage. Historically, insurance carriers have been reluctant to offer coverage treatments for transgender patients and have outright excluded them from care. Over recent years, pro-Transgender health care policies have shifted the insurance landscape 2nd Annual Trans Health Inclusion Conference Save-the-Dateto respond to the growing need around providing equitable basic care to this population.

During this session, participants will explore how insurance policies and barriers to care negatively impacted transgender folks from finding and getting health insurance. Through an analysis of the current insurance landscape, participants will be given a roadmap on what to look for in choosing coverage, while identifying any red flags that may deny coverage. Participants can expect to walk away from this session with concrete tools to advocate for their transgender patients in the case of discrimination and denials of care, along with recommendations for inclusive care in their own organization.


Finding Insurance Coverage for Transgender Affirming Care was presented at:

  1. 2nd Trans Health Conference: Beyond the Basics — Kansas City, Missouri

Queering Healthcare in the Heartland

Queering Healthcare in the Heartland

Queering Healthcare in the Heartland – A Roadmap for Creating LGBT Welcoming Health Spaces in Missouri provides attendees with a roadmap for bridging the gap found in LGBT health disparities in their local community by creating LGBT welcoming spaces – Missouri style. Participants will gain first-hand knowledge on the successful collaborative model of the Missouri LGBT Health policy project, while giving a snapshot of LGBT health in Missouri.  Folks will walk away with practical steps that have been successful in Missouri to create an environment of positive change in health for the LGBT community.

Queering Healthcare was presented at:

  1. National LGBTQ Task Force 2016 Creating Change — Chicago, Illinois

Growing Up Gay in The Heartland

Growing Up Gay

Growing Up Gay in The Heartland explores Andrew’s journey as a young gay man growing up in the rural heartland of Missouri and coming out. Facing adversity and the daily challenges of bullying while growing up led Andrew to become the advocate he is today. In this hour presentation, you hear Andrew’s personal story and how it connects to the many issues that face the LGBT community on a day-to-day basis.

Growing Up Gay In the Heartland was presented at:

  1. University of the Ozarks — Clarksville, Arkansas

As an advocate for LGBT issues, Andrew has heard the stories of several LGBT community members that have pushed the conversation in his local community around basic LGBT protections. Having led several municipal campaigns across Missouri, Andrew helped to gain basic LGBT protections for roughly 500,000 Missourians. These stories have transformed my hometown’s landscape — and it can change yours.

Using your story, Andrew helps attendees understand the power behind their own story in making change happen in their local community. Attendees will be able to use the strategies learned in this session to make change happen for ANY issue!

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