Monthly Archives: February 2015

West Virginians Fought Back & Won Against LGBT Discrimination

By: Andrew Shaughnessy @AndrewShag The advancement of House bill 2881 in West Virginia’s House of Delegates on Wednesday prompted many LGBT and Ally West Virginians to fight back against what many considered “an attempt to veil discrimination.” House bill 2881 introduced by Delegate Lynne Arvon, R-Raleigh, was written to deny municipalities in West Virginia the […]

West Virginia House Committee Moves Legislation Undermining Local Control for LGBT Protections

By: Andrew Shaughnessy @AndrewShag A quickly moving bill is making its way through the West Virginia legislature that would undermine local control of municipalities, who have enacted ordinances to protect their LGBT citizens from discrimination. Today, West Virginia House Bill #2881 got the green light to move to a House vote, where it has been recommended […]

States Rolling Back LGBT Local Protections Should Be Ashamed!

By: Andrew Shaughnessy @AndrewShag Several State legislatures are taking aim at local LGBT nondiscrimination protections this legislative session. Texas, Arkansas, West Virginia, etc. have all introduced (some have passed!) legislation that would roll back local ordinances within a State that protects LGBT people from discrimination. Ultimately, banning localities from passing nondiscrimination protections for its local LGBT citizens. Missouri […]

Reviewing LGBT Welcoming Policies in Rural Missouri Hospitals

By: Andrew Shaughnessy @Andrewshag At the beginning of February 2015, LGBT advocates in Missouri began reviewing our second list of hospitals on their LGBT welcoming policies. Having successfully accomplished several LGBT policy victories during our first round of outreach, we began to tackle a new beast — rural Missouri. Choosing 10 hospitals throughout the Mid-Missouri and Southeast Missouri […]

Discrimination DOES Exist for LGBT Patients and Families

By: Andrew Shaughnessy @AndrewShag  In case you didn’t believe that discrimination exists for LGBT people in a healthcare setting, take a look at a lesbian couple who faced discrimination first hand. Another reason why it’s important to continue to advocate in healthcare settings for LGBT people. No one should be denied care because of who […]