About Me

Andrew Shaughnessy is currently a Policy Officer at the Missouri Foundation for Health.

A community organizer, Eagle Scout member, social impactor, and public policy advocate originally from Ste. Genevieve, MO, Andrew holds his B.A. in Philosophy from Missouri State University and his Masters in Human Rights from the School of Public Policy at University College London.

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View Andrew Shaughnessy’s curriculum vitae (CV) here

His scholarly work focused on lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender rights, international law, foreign policy, and public policy analysis. He had the opportunity to work closely with Stonewall U.K., The British Institute for Human Rights, and was a graduate research assistant for Dr. Basak Cali’s quantitative research, “Nominal Commitment’s to Human Rights: A Global Survey.”

Coming back to the U.S., Andrew worked on multiple campaigns throughout Missouri and St. Louis, including Thomas Peters for the Children, Missourians for Fair & Impartial Courts, and Barbara Fraser for State Senate. Andrew started out at PROMO as St. Louis and Southeast Missouri Regional Field Organizer in 2010 then moved to Senior Field Organizer in 2013. During this time, Andrew:

  • Passed nondiscrimination protections in 11 Missouri municipalities, which roughly covered 500,000 Missourians with protections, including St. Louis County.
  • Extended housing protections to 50,500 Missourians in 2 municipalities.
  • Extended domestic partner registries to 53,000 Missourians in 3 municipalities.


During the beginning of 2013, Andrew took a temporary leave of absence from PROMO to work for Fairness West Virginia as the Director of Organizing and Community Outreach for their ‘Hard Work Doesn’t Discriminate’ statewide nondiscrimination campaign. Though unsuccessful, the campaign was one of the largest to date in West Virginia history to engage the Capitol at this level. In three short months, Andrew

  • Built and supported a network of 3 organizers, and over 200 statewide volunteers.
  • Found support among 250+ coalition members, who were able to connect over 1,600 West Virginians to their State Delegate and Senator to support statewide protections.

In March 2014, Andrew took the position as Manager of Public Policy for PROMO Fund. Andrew’s most notable work is in on bridging the gaps of disparities in health for the LGBT community of Missouri. As Manager, Andrew:

  • Developed 125 LGBT welcoming policies in 53 Missouri hospitals.
  • Worked alongside Governor Nixon’s Administration and the U.S. Attorney General to recognize same-sex Missouri marriage licenses for spouse benefits with the United States Social Security Administration.
  • Established  guidance from the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services in recognizing same-sex married lesbians on their children’s birth certificates.
  • Helped to put an end to transgender exclusions in health insurance for Missourians.

Missouri zoomed from 36th to 6th in the Nation and 1st in the Midwest for Hospital facilities that are “Leaders in LGBT Health” on the Human Rights Campaign’s 2014 Health Equality Index.


In Feburary 2016, Andrew accepted a position with the Missouri Foundation for Health  as a Policy Officer. Beginning his philanthropic work for MFH’s Expanding Coverage mission, Andrew has broadened his scope to encompass several MFH initiatives, including Preventing Unintended Pregnancy and Access to Care.

Andrew continues to work alongside health advocates and the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services, including Family Support Division, MOHealth Net, and Department of Social Services to improve policy and positive health system changes for the most vulnerable of Missourians.

When Andrew is not working, he enjoys reading, writing, and traveling. He loves anything that involves the outdoors and tries to get himself to the theatre and symphony as often as possible.

View Andrew Shaughnessy’s curriculum vitae (CV) here


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