Being There for Missouri’s CASA Network – Joining the Board of Directors of the Missouri CASA Association

In an unanimous decision, I officially joined the Board of Directors for the Missouri CASA Association. This position will be for a three-year commitment and will allow me to utilize my program, policy and grant-making skills to support and advance this important safety net for Missouri’s foster care kiddos.

Screen Shot 2019-11-08 at 4.06.53 AMThe Missouri Court Appointed Special Advocate Association (MOCASA) supports, improves, and grows local Court-appointed special advocate programs and leads advocacy efforts for abused and neglected children across Missouri. The organization envisions that all Missouri children have safe permanent homes free of abuse and neglect. 

To achieve its vision, MOCASA works to ensure that CASA programs are in all Missouri judicial courts, supported by the Missouri Legislature, and sustained by highly-trained CASA volunteers. I will be supporting the work of the Local Programs Committee that works to develop CASA programs in every county in Missouri. Currently, there are 22 CASA programs in Missouri serving 24 of the 46 Judicial Circuits.

Having served as a volunteer Court-appointed special advocate with the City of St. Louis, I have personal experience doing the incredible work that this network does to support and improve the health of Missouri’s foster care kiddos. To get involved in advocating for a child in foster care, find a local program near you and sign-up to commit to becoming a CASA. If you know a child, who may be in long-term or imminent danger, please use these resources to report abuse or neglect to the Department of Social Services.

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