Heartland Regional Health Equity Council Member!

For a term of three years (2018-2021), I’ve been voted to serve with some of the Heartland’s key health stakeholders throughout the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Region-VII district as a member of the Heartland Regional Health Equity Council (RHEC-VII).

The mission of the Council is to increase collective leadership actions to promote health equity in the communities where we live, work, play, learn and worship. The aim is to end disparities in Iowa, Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska.

The Council accomplishes this through the:

  • Creation,
  • Promotion,
  • and Integration

of policies and programs to eliminate health inequities and coordination of partners and stakeholders committed to action within Region VII.

The vision of the Council is a nation free of inequities in health and health care. To learn more about the Heartland RHEC-VII, visit: http://region7.npa-rhec.org/


I’m thrilled to serve in this capacity and am privileged to be at the table with such wonderful and dynamic leaders to further the collective impact of this region to end disparities, and increase equity for everyone throughout our region.


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