What are Missouri Health Advocates Doing for Transgender Health?

Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 6.04.55 PMOriginally posted by PROMOonline.org
By: Andrew Shaughnessy

As an advocate, I am often times asked questions about the work that I do.  At the 2014 Transgender Spectrum Conference on the campus of the University of Missouri – St. Louis I was asked, “What are we doing for transgender health in Missouri?”  With a smile, I was happy to report some great news.

With over 350 participants and seven distinguished speakers, the Transgender Spectrum Conference was the first conference of its kind in the region. We are excited at PROMO to team up other organizations to produce the 2nd Transgender Spectrum Conference being held at UMSL on Friday and Saturday Nov. 6 – 7th 2015, for more information and to register please visit www.TransgenderSpectrum.com.

LGBT and Ally health advocates across the state have made significant strides in making transgender health matter in Missouri. Ensuring that transgender patients, employees, and families are protected from discrimination remains a top priority for health advocates. Today, through our work 44 Missouri Hospitals now protect their transgender employees from discrimination, and over 53 protect their transgender patients.

In a move to gain better access to healthcare, PROMO took action to end exclusions under Obamacare for transgender folks. Filing a complaint with the Federal Department of Health and Senior Services on behalf of over 150 Missourians is another instance of the work we continue to do for transgender health. In a victory announced by our partners at the National Center for Transgender Equality, for the first time, a federal court has confirmed that the Affordable Care Act (ACA) prohibits discrimination against transgender people by any healthcare provider accepting federal funds. To read more on this historic victory, please click here.

This LGBT Health week, March 23 – 27th, 2015 advocates are making transgender health matter because we believe everyone should be able to gain access to health care equally.

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