West Virginia House Committee Moves Legislation Undermining Local Control for LGBT Protections

equality in the workplace

By: Andrew Shaughnessy

A quickly moving bill is making its way through the West Virginia legislature that would undermine local control of municipalities, who have enacted ordinances to protect their LGBT citizens from discrimination.

Today, West Virginia House Bill #2881 got the green light to move to a House vote, where it has been recommended for passage.  After an abrupt introduction and scheduled hearing, several Delegates supported motions to wait for a public hearing to learn more about the affects of this bill. Unfortunately, however, the vote was already there to move it.

“Since towns and cities began adopting LGBT nondiscrimination ordinances throughout West Virginia, LGBT West Virginians have been encouraged to come out of the shadows to lead happy, open lives in their communities,” said Fairness West Virginia Executive Director Andrew Schneider. “H.B. 2881 would turn the clock back on this progress and tarnish West Virginia’s reputation as a welcoming place to live and work.”

Stay tuned for more on this developing story in the coming weeks.

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