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Rep. Mike Honda declares support for transgender grandchild

In 2014, Missouri Coalition Pushes State to National Leadership on LGBT Health

It was an honor to work alongside Dr. Scout in 2014 during my first year as Manager of Public Policy for PROMO. I learned a great deal from him on how to create inclusive LGBT welcoming policies in Hospitals for both patients and employees. He pushed me not only to be a better advocate, but a […]

After Legal Recognition – Where Does the LGBT Movement Go?

By: Andrew Shaughnessy @AndrewShag This has been something I – along with a host of others – have been pondering. In a post-Windsor America, LGBT advocates and the movement as a whole, has been faced with the challenge of where we go next. The final nail is set to be cast by the Supreme Court this Spring, which could […]

Making LGBT Health Matter in Missouri

By: Andrew Shaughnessy @AndrewShag 2014 proved to be a monumental year for LGBT Missourians and their health. Those monumental steps had been the recognition of out-of-state marriages by the State of Missouri, and the leadership of nearly 47 Missouri hospitals, who have included 105 new LGBT welcoming policies to their core values. As an LGBT […]

Welcoming Spaces for LGBT Folks Seeking Marketplace Insurance

By: Andrew Shaughnessy @andrewshag Gaining access to affordable health insurance has never been easier. Thanks to, LGBT folks are able to research and choose a marketplace plan that fits their individual or family needs and purchase the plan – all free from discrimination. This is an amazing step forward for the LGBT community, and a […]