Proud and Strong – We are LGBT

The health of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people is stronger today than in any point in our history. Today, we are able to express our love for one another in a ways that we were unable too. We have ensured that our community is accessing resources that they need in order to live healthy and happy lives. We are prouder and stronger than ever, because we have had to rely on each other to get through our collective pain.

In the wake of events that have occurred Nationally: with 200+ nationwide anti-LGBT bills being filed in legislatures across the nation and the horrific events in Orlando, we have been reminded of the many issues that LGBT people still face. Now, more than ever, do LGBT people and our straight allies have the opportunity to define a brighter future for ourselves. No one should have to feel the anxiety, pain, and toxic stress that occurs in any community when it is the target of hate and stigma.

In effect, these events hurt all of us who know, or have a loved one that is LGBT. What we cannot understand is how this pain will ultimately impact the health of those individuals, who like me — feel the stress and anxiety associated with stigma and discrimination. Studies have found that LGBT people experience negative health outcomes linked to stigma and discrimination.

As we look to the future, LGBT people cannot forget just how far we have come. But, we also must come together to address stigma and discrimination, and how they play a role in the negative health outcomes this community experiences. We will heal – just like we always have. Our future is bright and our health is strong and we will always remain proud of who we are.


By: Andrew Shaughnessy


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  1. There is so much bigotry and intolerance in our world. I find it perplexing. What is so wrong for certain people to want to be romantically involved with members of the same sex?

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