Deconstructing Social Impact at WashU. Career Week

I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to join the students, faculty, staff, and administration at Washington University in St. Louis’ Career Week 2016 on Wednesday, January 13th.  The morning keynote entitled ‘Deconstructing Social Impact’ will be an exploration of deconstructing social impact and what it means for the career development of students.

For a full synopsis of the presentation, please check out the information below.

Screen Shot 2016-01-09 at 1.51.18 PM

Deconstructing Social Impact 

Andrew Shaughnessy, MA, Manager of Public Policy at PROMO

Launch Career Week with Andrew as he deconstructs social impact and what it means for your career development.  As an experienced advocate, Andrew has utilized a variety of grass root efforts to advance LGBT inclusion policies.  Andrew knows what it is like to build relationships with key stakeholders to move public policy forward. At the same time, he has learned the value of building his professional brand.  From blogs to public presentations, Andrew has defined his professional brand and makes an effort to promote his accomplishments in the policy arena to support the work of PROMO and its stakeholders.

Find out more about:  What he thinks about when he reflects on building a career in a competitive global market.  What he has learned about social impact, including what assumptions he made about being effective in public policy work, and what lessons he wants you to take with you on your career path.  You will leave inspired by the commitment Andrew has to advancing public policy and ready to chart your course for social impact.

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