In 2014, Missouri Coalition Pushes State to National Leadership on LGBT Health

Huff Post
Missouri Coalition

It was an honor to work alongside Dr. Scout in 2014 during my first year as Manager of Public Policy for PROMO. I learned a great deal from him on how to create inclusive LGBT welcoming policies in Hospitals for both patients and employees. He pushed me not only to be a better advocate, but a better policy maker.

Dr. Scout wrote this piece in Huffington Post on the work that I continue to do everyday, “Missouri Coalition Pushes State to National Leadership on LGBT Health”

In 2014, Missouri zoomed from 37th to 6th in the Nation, 1st in the Midwest on the Human Rights Campaign’s Healthcare Equality Index for the number of Hospitals that have been identified as “Leaders in LGBT Health”. In 2013, Missouri had 2 Hospital leaders; in 2014, Missouri identified 19 Hospitals.

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