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1K Readers Visit

Amazing News! Celebrating 1,000+ readers at! Thank you for checking out my journey to making LGBT matter in health and policy. Looking forward to continuing to advocate for the health of my community in my home State of Missouri and across the Nation. Onward toward a healthier community! Yours in equality, Andrew Shaughnessy

HIV Transmission -> What We Know and Why Missouri Is Getting It Wrong

Originally posted on LGBT Health Link By: Andrew Shaughnessy states that certain body fluids from an HIV-positive person can transmit HIV. The body fluids mentioned are: Blood Semen (cum) Pre-seminal fluid (pre-cum) Recital fluids Vaginal fluids Breast milk Nowhere on this list does it mention saliva. Missouri laws criminalizes behaviors that the CDC regards […]

Missouri LGBT Health By The Numbers!

Originally posted by Infogram created by Katie Stuckenschneider Missouri LGBT Health By the Numbers! For the past two years advocates have been working with hospitals in Missouri to update their policies to be inclusive of the LGBT community. 91 Hospitals – Protect their LGB Patients 71 Hospitals – Protect their LGB Employees 52 Hospitals – Protect their Trans […]